"Thanks to you, my large rug over carpet now lays flat. No more ripples!"

"Never could keep my long hall runner in place. Your pad recommendation has done the trick. Thanks."

Rug Pad

The Right Pad for Your Rug

We offer a selection of premium pads for rugs placed on hard-surface floors or over a carpet.  And we’ll custom cut them to fit your area rugs.

Our premium pads offer greater safety with maximum non-slip traction, extended rug wear, greater comfort – and they are hypoallergenic.



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    Supreme is made from recycled materials and is non-allergenic. It has enough cushion to protect the rug from foot impacts and increase comfort, will contain fine grit to help prevent floor damage and has a synthetic rubber backing to resist movement. It's also washable and will not stain or discolor your floor.

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    Eco Supreme is non-allergenic, Carpet & Rug Institute Green Label certified and resists mold, mildew and odor causing bacteria.  It has a synthetic, moisture barrier backing to restrict spills or pet accidents from soaking through and damaging your floor.  Eco Supreme also has superior floor-gripping properties and can be used over radiant heated floors.

  • Eco Thin Rug PadEco Thin offers the same great benefits of Eco Supreme, but is much thinner.  It is appropriate for rugs where keeping the overall rug height low is desirable, such as in front of a door.  While it doesn't offer as much cushion as Xtra Grip or Eco Supreme, Eco Thin provides much better support than many other "under the door" type pads. 


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    No Muv is a firm pad made from recycled new carpet fiber and has one “grippy” side and one “slippy” side. When placed over installed carpet, the slippy side allows the pile of wall-to-wall carpet to move without moving the rug and pad while the grippy side holds the rug in place. It is washable and comes with a ten-year warranty.

  • wunderlock.jpgWunder Lock is a thin white felt coated with a dry adhesive that won’t transfer to a carpet. It works exceptionally well to hold small rugs in place and in some cases can be used under larger rugs. It can be placed and moved several times without losing tack.

Rug pads are available from D. A. Burns
custom rug pad cleaning services at da burns
custom rug pad cleaning services at da burns
custom rug pad cleaning services at da burns
custom rug pad cleaning services at da burns
custom rug pad cleaning services at da burns

Why should I have a pad under my rug?

The benefits of the proper pad placed under your Oriental or specialty rug include:

  • Gripping power … to keep your area carpet firmly in place.

  • Cushion … for comfort, impact resistance and reduced wear to your area carpet.           

  • Appearance and safety … your area carpet lays smooth and flat, avoiding tripping hazards.

  • Flow-through ventilation … to allow your area carpet to breathe, resulting in easier, more effective vacuuming.

Rug Pad

Have us cut a pad for your rug when you bring in your rug for cleaning or call us with your rug size and we will custom cut a pad to fit.

We offer a 20% discount when you pick up your pad from either our Seattle or Bellevue location. Or we can deliver to you.

D. A. Burns on-location technicians service Seattle, Bellevue and the surrounding areas (view map of our service area). For questions or to schedule an appointment, call (206) 782-2268 or use our online scheduling form to request an appointment.

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