"My old, worn fringe made my entire rug look very tired. With the new fringe, I feel like I have a new rug."

"I'm passing my Karastan along to my daughter and wanted to spiff it up. She will really enjoy a clean rug with new fringe - it looks great!"

Carpet & Rug Fringing

New Fringe for Your Area Rug

When the fringe on your rug becomes weak, worn or discolored, we can replace it with a strong and bright new sewn-on fringe.  Applying a pre-manufactured fringe allows for a significant cost saving over fringe woven in by hand, and is appropriate for use on machine-made rugs as well as for many hand-knotted rugs.

We have a selection of types and natural shades of pre-manufactured carpet fringe to choose from including brush, single knot, double knot and large knot.

rug fringe cleaning at da burns
carpet and rug fringing at da burns
carpet and rug fringe repair at da burns
new carpet and rug fringing at da burns
new carpet and rug fringing at da burns
carpet and rug fringing at da burns

Caring for Your Rug Fringe

Area rugs with fringe require special care.  Avoid vacuuming the fringe with a beater bar vacuum that can catch and pull the fringe, causing separation.  When vacuuming, use gentle suction and start from the center of the rug and vacuum towards the fringe, being careful not to catch the strands of fringe in the beater bar.  Lift the carpet edge to vacuum beneath the fringe.  You may want to use the hose of a canister vacuum to carefully remove soil from your rug fringe.

Carpet & Rug Fringing

Drop off your rug at our Seattle or Bellevue locations and receive a 20% "cash and carry" discount or schedule our pickup and delivery service.

D. A. Burns on-location technicians service Seattle, Bellevue and the surrounding areas (view map of our service area). For questions or to schedule an appointment, call (206) 782-2268 or use our online scheduling form to request an appointment.

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